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QPRT are raising money through public subscription and donations and using the volunteered skills held by the people of the Island to carry out the work that is necessary to repair the pier and bring it back into use.

We are working closely with past members of the Friends of the Queen’s Pier group which was created in 1994 to spur the IOM government into restoring the pier.

Phase 1 covered the updating of the entrance building to provide a base for the restoration, and the rebuilding of the first three bays including the double width bay 1 which abuts the promenade.  This was completed in 2020 and opened by the Lieutentant Governor, Sir Richard Gosney.  The Trust negotiated with the Department of Infrastructure for an extension of the lease in order to commence phase 2 which covers bays 4 to 8 and now has a lease which is valid for a total of 20 years.  Work on this phase is continuing apace and bays 7-8 are scheduled for completion this year.