Ramsey Pier, Isle of Man

Welcome to the Ramsey Pier website.

Here you can find old photos of the pier, as well as keep up to date with the restoration of this superb Victorian landmark. Hey, why not get also involved?


To raise money through public subscription and donations, and use volunteered and paid local skills, to repair the pier and bring it back into use.

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Looking forward to a cup of tea in the building at end of Pier. 👍☺️

Remember fishing off there. Nice view of maughold whilst eating crisps and a bottle of pop

Such happy days as a young lad fishing off the end. The shore seemed so far away that it was a little intimidating. Never caught anything special ☹️ Is there any intention to reinstate the end of the pier or simply leave as is?

Fished off here a few times 😁

A few fabulous photos from yesterday.

The boys were working hard!

Thanks to Karen Moore.
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Good job lads will pier be open by 2021 will ther have cafe bar end pier wen finish

'We work in all weathers'.

Thanks to Kate Butterworth for this photo.'
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We work in all weathers.

Thanks to Kate Butterworth for this photo.


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My pleasure! Though it definitely wasn't fun in the office/pier area on Thursday!

4 days ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

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4 days ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

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