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Here you can find old photos of the pier, as well as keep up to date with the restoration of this superb Victorian landmark. Hey, why not get also involved?


To raise money through public subscription and donations, and use volunteered and paid local skills, to repair the pier and bring it back into use.

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This project is dead in the water literally without the marina project... Wake up... How many of the volunteers even support the marina project? Watch the collections wain...

Put the marina north of the stone piers and it will improve a derelict area, inconvenience very few and not destroy the beautiful south shore.

How about put the money into the queens pier? We don’t need a fancy marina, just don’t see the point.

Keep on with your fabulous fund raising please don’t let them take our shore just the thought of 150 apartments the size of Queens Court on the shore leading up to the pier

so, are the trustees and the fundraisers taking a neutral stance for the time being?

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As reported in the IOM newspapers in 2011.

Queen's Pier Ramsey, Stabilisation and Protection Scheme 5 April 2011

At the April sitting of Tynwald the Department of Infrastructure will seek approval to begin the Stabilisation and Protection Scheme for the Queen’s Pier. Subject to receiving approval, work is scheduled to begin in early May and be completed by Christmas 2011, weather permitting.

Phil Gawne, Minister for infrastructure, said that “The continued deterioration of the Pier places the public, vessels and the Pier itself at significant risk. In the face of these risks the Department has a duty to improve safety and in so doing preserve the structure in the medium term for a future refurbishment scheme. The proposed works can therefore be seen as the initial stage of refurbishment. Finally, I am also very pleased to acknowledge the support given to the Department’s proposals by the Friends of the Queen’s Pier.”

The purpose of the scheme is to:
• Maintain the stability of the remaining pier structure in the short to medium term ie at least five years. This work will involve:◦Replacing sections of timber decking and joists to ensure a safe working area for the contractors staff
◦Replacing missing cross-bracing to the Pier legs
◦Replacing corroded sections of the lattice girders that support the deck and legs
◦ Coating of any new steel with a high-quality, offshore-standard paint system

• Protect the remaining pier structure from further significant deterioration.
•Reduce the health and safety risks to the public on the beach from sections that may fall from the Pier and to vessels from items that may remain afloat.

By undertaking this work the Department is seeking to reduce health and safety risks posed by the Pier and also to safeguard it for a future refurbishment scheme when Government’s financial position has improved. The need to achieve a cost effective scheme has resulted in a minimum safety scheme that will not enable public access following completion.

The work will involve the removal to safe storage of the various cast iron features on the Pier deck including railings, seats and lighting columns. The two toll huts at the landward end of the Pier will also be removed to storage. All items in storage will be tagged, recorded and given appropriate conservation in order that they are available for any future refurbishment scheme.

The landward entrance building will be retained and will undergo minor building maintenance works to protect the fabric and also maintain its secondary function, ie providing additional security to the Pier access.

The works are expected to take approximately 8 months and if the scheme is approved by Tynwald, work will start in early May and be completed by Christmas 2011. The expected cost of the works is £1.76M. Given the specialist nature of the work approximately 13% or £155,000 will be spent locally but this does include all of the underwater work which will be carried out by the Department’s dive team.
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what's status of Marina project? Hopefully that is never approved. would be a travesty

Health and safety risks , my arse !

That’s great news

They took things away but some of the posts where definitely not tagged but they didn’t do any of the other work apart from sending the divers to have a quick look once in a while just so they could say something was getting done

2 weeks ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

Twenty now sponsored.There are 36 stanchions on bays 1, 2 & 3 which are available to sponsor,15 have already been sponsored. They are £150 each and like the planks will have a brass effect plaque attached with the inscription of your choice. A great deal of work has gone into restoring these stanchions. When they were removed in 2011 for 'stabilising work' there was not a lot of care taken, thus, they were in a pretty bad state, but as you can see, the 'Heavy Gang' have worked wonders! ... See MoreSee Less

Twenty now sponsored.Image attachmentImage attachment

This is our latest blog in Manx Life. ... See MoreSee Less

This is our latest blog in Manx Life.


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QPRT Fundraisers committee raised £1,034.29 at our recent coffee morning at Ramsey town hall. So you now need 13,965.71 to enable you to order the steel for bays 2& 3. May 10th we have a fund raising Bingo night at St Pauls hall Ramsey. All money raised will go to Queens Pier Restoration Trust.

Kia Ull

I think you mean "who is Bepo"

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