Ramsey Pier, Isle of Man

Welcome to the Ramsey Pier website.

Here you can find old photos of the pier, as well as keep up to date with the restoration of this superb Victorian landmark. Hey, why not get also involved?


To raise money through public subscription and donations, and use volunteered and paid local skills, to repair the pier and bring it back into use.

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16 hours ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

Hello Everyone The Queens Pier Restoration Trust Fundraisers, are delighted to announce that we are now in receipt of ALL of the monies raised at our Bistro Dinner in August. In conjunction with the sale of 2 paintings, we also received an extremely generous cash donation, all the way from Australia. We can now reveal the TOTAL amount raised is a magnificent £6,333. We wish to thank ALL our supporters near and far. ... See MoreSee Less


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Well done one and all


Well done!! 🙌🏻

Well done ladies cracking result.


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Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less


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I hope that at some time it will look like that again.. replacing the mooring / jetty / berth will be expensive but well worth it

Oh to walk out there again....

Let's talk Grids!

There are in all 30 cast iron grids which sit above the wave breaker/bullrock at the land end of the Pier.
We have had eight returned to us from being sandblasted then undercoated with a special red paint (the top coat will be black).
These grids allow the water to pass through them at high tide.They have a very important role to play, as the pressure of the water would be very destructive to the Pier if they were not in place.
As you can see, we have laid the first four, including the grid which the train rail will sit.
We hope to have all the grids in place very soon....watch this space!
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Thank you for all your hard and methodical work can’t wait to get over ,and see it all.Most impressed

Brilliant progress well done to everyone for all your hard work 😊😊😊

Well done everyone. Great work.

1 week ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

Our next Fundraising event is a Race Night at The Buffs Club, Ramsey, Saturday 28th September at 7pm. Hot Dogs available. Non members welcome. So please join us for what should be a fun and exciting night. You might just win.... ... See MoreSee Less

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