Ramsey Pier, Isle of Man

Welcome to the Ramsey Pier website.

Here you can find old photos of the pier, as well as keep up to date with the restoration of this superb Victorian landmark. Hey, why not get also involved?


To raise money through public subscription and donations, and use volunteered and paid local skills, to repair the pier and bring it back into use.

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3 days ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

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Love that. Stay safe guys and gals. You do a fantastic job and are not appreciated enough!!

great place to re- charge your batteries. staysafe

Keep smiling chaps! #TweetbeatIOM


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thanks for keeping us safe.

Looking good gents, and despite everything the pier is still standing !

Nice to see them smiling.

Thank you stay safe 😍

Keep safe x

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That's it folks... we're closed!

Work has stopped on the Pier for the foreseeable future.

We were just so close to completing Bay 1.....

It's got to be done. But, we'll be back with tremendous gusto when restrictions allow.

Our Facebook page will of course be active.If you need to contact us please email qprt@manx.net or call 477062.

Thank you all for your wonderful ongoing support.

Stay safe everyone. Best wishes from us all at QPRT ❤️
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Well done everyone.. hope you will be able to resume your good work soon. Will be down with cake as soon as you do 😊

Enjoy your rest stay safe ready to return and finish the excellent job you are doing.

Well done to you all i hope you're all keeping well take care. 🇮🇲

Sensible in view of current Covid-19 outbreak 👍🇮🇲

No problems. Such good work done for many months, it's time for a break anyway. After virus has gone, everyone will return ready to go! 👍🌈☺️

Stay safe 😊

What a shame,but in the long run might be best for you great lads.

Doing a fantastic job, stay well and safe

You deserve a rest. Thank you for all your hard work.

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Fab photo, thanks guys. #tweetbeatiom ... See MoreSee Less

Fab photo, thanks guys. #TweetbeatIOM


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Hello everyone, hope you're all keeping well take care. 🇮🇲

Looking to the future.

Message from QPRT Chairman.

I am very conscious of the need to closely follow the advice from the Government regarding the coronavirus outbreak and am reviewing our work schedule on a daily basis. Some of our volunteers are self isolating as they are in the 'more vulnerable category' and any who still wish to work are carrying out individual tasks at a social distance from others. Even in the portacabin during tea breaks we are at least two metres apart and we are washing hands frequently and drying them on disposable paper towels.
Moreover, I am steam cleaning all hard surfaces that any volunteer may touch - even with gloves - EVERY day.

On balance I feel that the contribution to both mental well being and exercise justify this approach but if circumstances change then we will change to comply.

Many thanks.

Stuart McKenzie
QPRT Chairman.
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Well done Stuart...you are going a great job as per usual. We all appreciate everything you do. Stay safe...

We need you guys more than we need a restored pier so do whatever you can to stay safe, even if it means downing tools for the duration. We can wait chaps! All the best 👍👏

Sure you guys will be vigalent over your own health, great work lads

Well done!

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