Ramsey Pier, Isle of Man

Welcome to the Ramsey Pier website.

Here you can find old photos of the pier, as well as keep up to date with the restoration of this superb Victorian landmark. Hey, why not get also involved?


To raise money through public subscription and donations, and use volunteered and paid local skills, to repair the pier and bring it back into use.

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15 hours ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

Wonderful pictures from our concert last Thursday evening.
Ramsey Town Band were superb as usual.
The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Thank you all for coming and for your generosity, we raised a terrific £458.25!
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Thanks go out to the Ramsey Town Band, and all who attended our event last night. A hugely enjoyable evening was had and a brilliant £458.25 was raised towards the restoration of our Pier. Many thanks to the Fundraisers Team who ran the event. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Queens Pier Restoration Trust

A big thank you to Glen Wyllin Campsite and EVERYONE else who has kindly allowed us to display posters for our Open Day and Sponsor a Plank scheme.
We would like to spread the word all over the Isle of Man and would be delighted if folk from every corner of our beautiful Island supported this wonderful project.

The weather is magnificent...have a great day!
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